Hotel Interior Design


Services provided:

  • Hotel Interior Design
  • Hotel Interior Design Project Management
  • Hotel Executive Suite Design
  • Hotel Room Design
  • Hotel Dining Room Design
  • Hotel Cafe Design
  • Hotel Bathroom Design
  • Hotel Executive Bathroom Design
  • Hotel Bedroom Design
  • Hotel Living Room Design
  • Hotel Veranda / Pergola/ Sunroom / Florida Room Design
  • Hotel Lobby / Foyer / Entryway Design
  • Hotel Laundry Room Design
  • Hotel Color/Paint Selection
  • Hotel Shopping/Purchasing Services
  • Hotel Furniture Selection
  • Hotel Cabinet Selection
  • Hotel Vanity Selection
  • Hotel Mirror Selection
  • Hotel Flooring Selection
  • Hotel Lighting Selection
  • Hotel Shelving & Storage Selection
  • Hotel Accessories Selection

The initial hotel interior design consultation is FREE.  Our initial hotel interior design consultation is by phone. All initial consultations are conducted by phone to provide you with information about our services, answer any questions you may have, and make sure all parties clearly understand the scope of work involved prior to going any further with the process.

After your free initial phone consultation, we come by your hotel for a meet-and-greet (if possible) and to have you sign a hotel interior design agreement. A reasonable non-refundable hotel interior design retainer fee will be due at the time the hotel interior design agreement is signed.

While we are there, once the hotel interior design agreement is signed and retainer fee is paid, we will take notes and pictures of each room of the hotel you would like to focus on and discuss your vision for your space before we leave. Please allow about an hour for this consultation.

Within three (3) business days of receiving your signed hotel interior design agreement and retainer fee, we will provide you with a hotel interior design proposal, which will include a visual report and checklist recommending interior design projects, budgets, and color schemes to provide you with the best return on your investment and an absolutely beautiful and tranquil space for your hotel clients.

You will be charged reasonable and fair hotel interior design fees for each of the hotel interior design recommendations you choose.  We will provide you with individual pricing for each selection you choose.

 At JDR Designs USA, we are well versed in working along side our clients to understand their project visions and then collaborating with them to set and accomplish realistic goals and timelines to turn their project visions into a reality.

We also have access to special pricing discounts through our trade partners. If you have a specific product line you are interested in, let us know. We will reach out to them to negotiate fair pricing on your behalf.

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    *All hotel discussions are confidential. No information will be shared with anyone for any reason. You must be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal citizen of the United States. JDR Designs USA provides you with advice; your decisions are your own responsibility. JDR Designs USA does not provide medical, financial, or legal advice. A reasonable travel fee will be charged for all projects outside of a 30 mile radius of Harrisburg, PA.