Jody had a spiritual awakening experience the week of spring equinox March 2014 and has been living a life in service to God ever since. She receives messages of Divine guidance from the other side of the veil to teach humanity how to live a more peaceful existence and to help prepare for the upcoming Shift. She has been called by God to be a minister and to teach others how to have a more spiritually fulfilling life through a spiritual connection with God.

She takes what she does very seriously and considers her gifts to be a true miracle, a blessing straight from God. She uses her gifts to reveal the truth about the spiritual wisdom that has been kept from us throughout our past, to provide guidance on spirituality, love for all life, and how to live a balanced life across mind, body, and spirit. Anyone is welcome to follow along.

Jody is a Christian; however, she does not follow religious dogma.  She no longer believes in dogma and now believes in Gnostic Christianity feeling fully in her heart that the truth about Jesus has not been told.

She accepts everyone as they are - no judgments; no labels. She also believes in having an absolute blast and that life is way too short to live it miserably.

If you would like to learn more about how you can have a spiritual connection with God for a more balanced and fulfilling life experience, Jody will help you as she is guided by Spirit.

She is as real and down to earth as it gets and is extremely easy to talk to. She is a great listener and allows you to guide the conversation. Jody is the student and the teacher in all situations. Every person led to come to Jody has been brought to her to not only help them learn and heal but to help Jody do the same for herself.

Everything about life is free will, or choice. If anything feels forced, it is not the right solution. Jody guides you to an awareness, or understanding. It is completely up to you if you accept the information she has to offer and what you choose to do with it. Your choices are your own. As it should be.

Your interest in her work is inspirational.

Hebrews 11:1 - "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Mission Statement:
Jody's mission is to lead as many as she can to a relationship with God and to teach others to love themselves and others unconditionally. The ultimate test on this earth is to learn how to love ourselves and others unconditionally. She promises to do her very best to provide the highest level of service through honest and fair dealings with her clients in a manner that is optimally beneficial to all concerned.

Disclaimer: By federal law, Jody is required to state that any information provided is for entertainment purposes only. How the information is interpreted is a very individual experience, each having the right granted to them by free will on how they choose to process information.The information she shares is her opinion and being offered for free. Please be advised that your choices are your own responsibility.